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Why this website

Musi-techni in English

Why this website:

I will on later pages tell you about my love of music and all the technical stuff around it.

I am subscribe to about 300 discussion groups on Facebook.  Sometimes, I join the discussions but, I am often discourage about the tone and disdain that some have in their answers, not to mention the comedians who makes any conversation extremely painful.   

Simple questions are often asked; answers are not always that simple, sadly.

This site is a kind of “scrap book” of information and comment about music and everything around it.

In most pages, there will be a space for comment; not that I expect a crazy amount of feedback but some may want to add to the information or simply comment on it.  To avoid any problems, all comment will have to be approved. 

If you just want to have a discussion with me, you can simply email me! (I know, so 2000!)

Have a good visit!

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